Our professional services are aimed at focusing how our clients operate their business models in a rapidly evolving business, regulatory and governance environment.
ABP Industrial Solutions is a company that provides high-quality professional installations. Our electrical assembly experts ensure rigorous standards when working on buildings, machines, and equipment. Our company offers the following industrial electrical assembly services:

  • Mechanical installation – Cable tray assembling, erection of control cabinets, Installation of different racks and holders, dismantling and assembling of industrial machinery and devices…etc.).
  • Conveyor systems – Installing and assembling of conveyors, lifters, lifting and rotary tables, cross transfer conveyors…etc.
  • Automation – Installing and assembling of various control systems, such as Siemens SIMATIC, Siemens DEMATIC, PROFIBUS, and ASi-BUS.
  • Robotization – Due to the fast pace of modernization and optimization, the robot has become an indispensable component of conveyor systems and production lines. Our employees are knowledgeable in the two most frequent robot systems: KUKA and ABB.

We are projecting and producing all kind of robotic cells for different purposes in the industry. We robotize-automatize applications like handling different machines and presses, plastic or rubber molding machines, welding TIG/MIG/MAG/with powder, plazma cutting and welding, palletizing and manipulation of different products, grinding-polishing, lacking-coating, cutting, mounting, glueing-bonding, robot screwing, 3D robot milling, friction welding, supervision of production processes, applications of robot vision and in many other working processes.

We are developing innovative automation concepts and intelligent information technologies.