About us

The company ABP industrial solutions was founded in 2016 but our employees gained many experience during their time working in other companies.

Our experience and the quality of our services provided to both national and international clients has become the basis for helping our clients gain the most favorable position possible, worldwide.

The seriousness and expertise of our electrical activities is based upon the high standards and demands that we daily encounter during our work in the different industries.

The activities of our company are carried out by the following trained workers:

  • Electrician engineer
  • Programming engineer
  • Electrician engineer – Automation
  • Electrician technician – electronics technician
  • Electrician technician – Energy technician
  • Electrician –Automation/installation

Most employees have many years of experience in assembling electrical installations in the automotive, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Our vision is a company that successfully masters all the challenges of today and the future with its knowledge and quality services.


Company ABP industrial solutions has long-term goals. Our primary goal is to offer our clients wholesome and quality services and by that satisfy the needs of our customers, as well as employees.